Founded in 2000, Sonrisa School is a small independent school
serving Orange County, CA. At Sonrisa, we use a rich, multi-
disciplinary approach to education. Our curriculum is designed to
enrich child’s emotional, intellectual, and social aptitude. We
provide instruction through child’s specific learning modality
(linguistic, visual, spatial, kinesthetic, mathematical, interpersonal,
and intra-personal). We utilize tried and tested reading programs.
We administer tests in stress-free environment and give timed
tests, only when the child is ready. Our staff is qualified,
experienced, and caring.


Structure is key to a child’s success.

Self-esteem and self-confidence enable children to reach
their fullest potential.

Learning should be a positive and joyful experience.


Instill confidence in children to reach their fullest potential.

Boost children’s self-esteem and social skills.

Provide positive and joyful learning experience.

Make it possible for children to pursue extracurricular
activities such as art and sports.

Facilitate dynamic parent involvement in academic as well
as non-academic activities.

Form a proactive partnership of parents and teachers.
Sonrisa means
"smile" in Spanish.
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