"We feel very blessed to have found you and your school. From
the minute we visited your school and you spent time with us, we
knew we had found a home for Kelly! It's obvious to anyone that
has met you, your staff and has visited your school,  that you and
your staff truly care about these kids.
" - Cliff and Mary

We credit Priya with literally saving our daughter's life. When we
first brought Kira to Sonrisa School in 2nd grade, she couldn't
read. She has turned out to be such a brilliant, sweet and
incredible human being!
" - Jeff and Amy

The improvement we have seen in Eric this year is tremendous.
We are very pleased with his self-confidence and his skills in
reading and math.
- Greg and Debbie

Prior to becoming Ms. Guttal’s student, our daughter was often
apprehensive about attending school. Under Ms. Guttal, Madison’s
anxiety has diminished and she has become a cheerful child
looking forward to going to school.
- Steve and Barbara

Our son disliked school and refused to study. Ms. Guttal single-
handedly turned Johnathan around. He is now enthusiastic about
school. He studies his lessons faithfully and is desirous of
- William and Karen

Priya is constantly encouraging the kids to learn while making
sure they are not pushed or pressured. She goes out of her way
to make sure that parents are notified and included in all
activities. Our daughter, Tyler, has improved dramatically in her
reading and language skills after being in Priya’s school.
- Dennis
and Tina

Priya is one of the most unique, caring, and outstanding
teachers, I have ever met. She has a desire to be the best
teacher, and to provide the very best for her students.

- Leejanice (Parent and Advocate of Children with Learning

I am most impressed with Priya’s gift of patience, love and true
concern for the children. Priya is honest and straightforward in her
dealing with parents. I could count on her to keep me informed of
my son’s progress, activities, and her ideas to resolve any issues
that may arise.
- Susan
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