Sonrisa School provides professional administration and evaluation
of the following academic placement and diagnostic tests. (Your
child doesn’t need to be enrolled at Sonrisa to take advantage of
this valuable service.)

Woodcock Johnson® III – Tests of Achievement
These assessment instruments provide a comprehensive set of
individually administered, norm-referenced tests for measuring
intellectual abilities and academic achievement. The following
areas are measured by Woodcock Johnson® III – Tests of
Achievement: general intellectual ability, cognitive ability, oral
language, and academic achievement. This provides as a useful
tool in creating/writing individualized programs.

Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT)
This is a norm-referenced reliable reading test. This test measures
the rate of reading, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. This
test is appropriate for individuals ages 6 years to 18 years. The
GORT has four major purposes: (1) to help identify those students
who are significantly below their peers in reading; (2) to determine
strengths and weaknesses in reading and comprehension skills;
(3) to document students’ progress in reading as a result of
special intervention programs; and (4) to compare reading skills of
different age groups.

Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)
This test is designed to test reading, spelling, and arithmetic skills.
The test can be used with individuals from age 5 to age 74. WRAT
is a great tool for measuring student progress on a yearly basis.
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