Not perform to
his/her potential?

Have self-esteem

Lack enthusiasm in

Need extra

Individualized Program

One-on-one Interaction

Social Skills Development

Active Parent Participation

Qualified, Caring Staff

Student-Teacher Ratio 5:1
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Special Education School in Orange County California Celebrates 10th Anniversary
"Sonrisa School caters to students
with Autism, Down's Syndrome,
Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention
Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia,
Cerebral Palsy, auditory processing
problems and expressive and receptive
language delays.

- Orange County Register
"This gifted and dedicated director of
Sonrisa School rescues children with
learning disabilities and turns them
into successful learners. She teaches
from the heart, understanding each
child's learning style.

- Learning Disabilities Association
of California
"You have opened Sonrisa School to
meet the individual needs of our
children and put the joy back into
learning. We deeply appreciate your
dedication and concern for children
who have learning disabilities.

- Orange County Learning
Disabilities Association
Spring Session
Jan 6 - Jun 24
Summer Session
July 18 - August 18
One-on-One Tutoring
Few Spots Open